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Virginia vs. Miami Football Highlights (2017)

By May 15, 2018

Virginia vs. Miami: The No. 3 Hurricanes avoided a let down at home and churned out 30 unanswered points in the 2nd half to defeat Virginia, 44-28. Canes quarterback Malik Rosier had 4 total touchdowns and JaQuan Johnson added an interception return for a touchdown as Miami won its 15th straight game. Virginia quarterback Kurt Benkert threw for 384 yards and 4 passing touchdowns.


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  • 2:48 his footwork

  • Who was the commentator of this game? He’s great

  • Miami is gonna win against clemson cause they are gonna be pissed

  • UVA is pretty legit this season.

  • Man Miami looks amazing against this undefeated Pitt team. You guys sure are blowing them out, it's also a good thing Miami is such a good road team. I was wrong about Miami, you guys sure are top contenders to win it all this yr. The "U" would never struggle against Pittsburgh right??? 😂😂😂🤣🤣 Let the trolling commence.

  • Hola, me enamora este vídeo

  • Wow Virginia did good not gonna lie but Miami is stronger

  • 0:25 should not have been a touchdown, holding on Chad Thomas #9 chop block on Shaq Quarterman #55

  • Miami is not good.. congrates for beating one of the most over rated teams n the past 50 years (notre dame) but they are not good. every team beats notre dame .srry not srry . Miami is hardly getting by these chump ass acc teams. idk why ppl think this weak ass cnfrence is good all the sudden they have played no one but some how there strength of record is number 1? toileto about had you guys hahh? really… n.c state.what a juggernaut..plus clemsons over rated ass this year getting the benefit of te dought.. they are way to over rated this year the same thing that happened to ohio will happen to Clemson this year if they get itn..,,,Miami will get absoluty demolished by okla. ala. even 2 loss ohio state would whoop that asshahahahah I don't get it. plus how many home gaames have they played this year? don't get me the excuse the hurricane fucked our year upp… your fucking name is the hurricanes.. you shoulda known

  • All most haert attack.. go Cannes..

  • And can you belive Oregon tried the turnover chain.

  • Let's go u

  • The U 👐 🌀

  • we are battle tested! future opponents you better bring your lunch box and be ready to play all 4 quarters if you want to beat us!

  • Who thinks the Hurricanes could beat the Dolphins right now?


  • Virginia is pretty legit this year.

  • Did anybody catch that Kamehameha wave on the last TD? 😅

  • I was at the game. The va quarterback was having the game of his life. We got screwed on 2 bad calls as well. Still in the end we pull out a convincing win against a good team. Gonna miss going to home games til next year 🙁

  • dats right boy give him da chane

  • They thought they was gonna win 🤫🤫🤫🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾10-0

  • The Hurricanes have got it together this year.  I would like to see them beat Alabama Crimson Tide for the National Championship.  Go CANES GO!!!!

  • Go Canes great game another W

  • Hot garbage commentators wanted an upset. They wouldn't shut up about it. 30 unanswered shut them up, the f*cks.

  • 3:10 is when Shit got real….

  • Good to see Coach Richt doing well. I have been a Georgia fan for my whole life, but I hope Richt goes undefeated just to rub it in the collective nose of the UGA fan base.

  • 👐🌀

  • Miami vs Alabama might as well book it

  • For real, too many close calls. Beat GT by 1. Survived UVA. Barely got FSU. And Toledo hung 30 points on you guys. Plus, Clemson gonna put an L on you, and Pitt is tough every game. Good chance to hit 11-2, lose the ACC championship, and then with 2-3 loses miss the playoffs totally and get a top tier bowl. Just saying…

  • Fuck that "Turnover Towel" bullshit!!! Bring the real jewels out!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • I love the miami hate its all about the U bby

  • It's all aboUt the U!!!!
    Like if U agree!!!!

  • …Benkert played a helluva game; nearly a flawless one. I think he started out 18-19 with the one incompletion being voluntarily thrown out of bounds. Virginia gave Us everything they had, and for that I commend them. Their coaching staff had those guys ready to play; they literally threw their Kitchen Sink at Us when they did that Onside Kick lol… I loved Our patience & resilience in this one; We stayed disciple & didn't panic. Great Coaching on both sides, Great Game! 😰 🙌🔥

  • Man this was a dog fight

  • I'm tired of you Miami fans talking shit about fsu. I can't wait till Alabama destroys your team so y'all can shove that fake ass chain up yalls asses

  • Gotta rep the ACC, so as a Virginia fan I wish the Canes luck. #ACCfootball

  • All about the U!!!! My Dolphins lost Tannehill if not we would have been making noise too. The Heat… Lets not even talk about it..

  • If Miami had our quarterback, Miami would be 2x dangerous.

  • Best comeback win for the miami hurricanes!!!

  • Was that dude at the end wearing a Cutler jersey!? Bruh! Anyways go canes! And PhinsUp #MiamiEverything

  • Man take that Tyrone Biggumz, 100% pure copper, cell block C, stolen from the police evidence room, leaving green marks all over your neck after you wear it, use to be on a pit bulls neck, fake ass non-polishable, 200% plastic throw away chain and shove it right up your ass.

  • Its great to be a MIAMI HURRICANE

  • 🐨I'd anticipated some what of an let down after the Canes dominant performance over Notre Dame game, just great to see them battle through it. Now let's hope that they not get caught looking ahead towards Clemson by under estimating Pitt, GO CANES! 🎇🎉🏈🙋🏈🎇🎉

  • We play more better at night time then daytime but I'll take the W the on to the next #beatpittsburgh

  • Travis Homer with a Kamehameha in the end lol

  • Go Virginia! Great game

  • Fuck the U. Bum ass convicts. Scared y'all's punk asses lol. Hope you guys play Bama or UGA and see what a real team is like lol

  • Gotta give uva props I think we came out flat but they also hit us in the mouth a couple times. Problem was that Counter Punch was too stronk. Bronco got them boys doing pretty well tho

  • The Canes are for real and I think will play Clemson for the National Championship and win it in a blow out

  • Anyone who thinks Virginia is a cupcake isn't well informed. Much better team than last year, props. Their quarterback, outside the pick six, made some reeaaallly solid throws.