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USA vs Bosnia | Highlights | Friendly Match – 29 January 2018

By May 14, 2018
  • Sad performance. So, is this how the USA MNT going to fix it's organization. Time to purge the system cause it's stuck in the swamp.

  • Mexico won agnaist B&H. US need to catch up

  • It's just as well that the US didn't qualify for the World Cup anyways. Football/Soccer isn't a national passion as in other countries where they go absolutely NUTS for the game.

  • Mexico will show usa how it's done 👍

  • Hmm…
    Its hard to tell but..
    Either domestic American league is at Europe standards or bosnias domestic league sucks…
    Which one is it?
    Bosnia isn't bad. Which means that MLS isnt as bad as people say it is.
    And this is coming from a Mexico fan.
    Sucks we'll have to see costa rica/panama instead of USA in the world cup 🙁

  • Good job bosnians i am proud of you

  • how do u start polster over lima?

  • this was literally 2 D teams

  • Mexico u12 > This USA team

  • Mexico champion Concacaf 2018 Femenil

  • Bring back Bob Bradley. USA sucks ass.

  • Respect to bosnia!! They played a great game and was very impressed with the team gg

  • I'm glad I skipped this game in protest. They suck so bad. And they don't have to!! MAGA.

  • http://pilkarska-pasja.blogspot.com/
    Jakiej kategorii wiekowej to było?

  • Sapong a walmart brand of Altidore. even Altidore not even good so that should say enough

  • Zardes needs to put down the burger and fries. He is sucking wind. Looks very unfit. This US team is very poor. No quality.

  • Can we like stop using Zardes, we already know he's not NT level

  • Ovi mladi igraci itekako imaju talenta samo se trebaju malo vise upoznati i vise igrati zajedno. Ovdje smo mogli i do pobjede, imali smo penal, nekoliko dobrih prilika i jos 2-3 zicera. Ali hajde nema veze dobro su igrali, svaka im cast, samo naprijed #BHfanaticos

  • Bolje igraju nego stare kljusine…..sve pohvale na borbenosti….manekene ja vise ne bih zvao u repku….

  • İbrahim Şehiç ♥♥♥♥♥

  • You guys from US know that Bosnia played with, maybe 3rd lining. I wonder what would happen if Bosnia played with Dzeko, Pjanic, Begovic, Kolasinac, Ibisevic, Lulic and others. 😀

  • Pongan al necaxa!
    Al menos entretiene más

  • You want to know why it's 0-0 because MLS sucks

  • 💤💤💤bored😴😴😴

  • Guys it was a just friendly game. So don't forget that most of the players are trying to stay away from injuries. Well, taking all those things into consideration, the game itself was very interesting and fun. Now, both NT knows what they have and who they can count on.

  • Players to keep from THIS match, Tyler Adams, Paul Arriola, Sapong, Kellyn Rowe, Ike Opara, Hamid and Steffen, Morrow. The rest were all complete trash

  • Śehiç💓

  • Sehic❤

  • Why does the national team continue to ignore all the Latin American talent

  • Wtf are they doing still playing all those MLS players they are shit they are garbage the USMNT have so many players in the bundesliga yet they don't start many of them.

  • I am glad I had to go to work! I planned on buying 5 tickets for this game but it would have been money wasted. At the end of the game I wouldn’t have minded if BoH scored a goal as long as I got to see one!

  • Jordan Morris needs to get the hell out of MLS and play at Liga MX or somewhere in Europe, I believe he could be a better player than he is today. He is the same player that he was last year in a year before. He is not proving anything.

  • not a good sign when the first highlight is in the 37th minute lol