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Upper Body and Abs Workout – Compound Upper Body Workout for Strength and Coordination

By May 21, 2018

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  • I'm so glad i found your videos. I've been following some of your exercises for a few months now and my friends and family have noticed that I lost some weight. My jeans feel looser now and i can wear some of the clothes that I couldn't wear before cause they were tight.
    I get dizzy though sometimes in the middle of my exercise and I have to stop and rest until it passes so i can continue. Is that normal?

  • Do you have any tips or workouts for losing fat on the back mainly under the bra area (im not sure how to describe it lol)? Also inner thigh fat? These are the most stubborn areas for me. I love your videos so much! <3

  • this was amazing! please do more compound videos like this. Fantastic!

  • Absolutely fantastic workout. Great combination of strength, agility, toning and cardio exercises. The variety and pace of exercises keeps it interesting and you never get bored. Good stuff, Kelly!

  • Loved it! New moves and so fun!!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • LOVE this one!! The combo moves make me SWEAT like a cardio workout, and the moves are varied enough that this workout flies by!! Love love love it. Have done this routine 5 times since you posted it

  • Meaning using the thick bands.

  • Hi, awesome workouts! Can you please do some glute workouts with bands? Possibly a glute series with bands and weights on some days?

  • i like this workout thnx

  • I love this workout, thak you for sharing !

  • Loved this workout!!! Please do more like this. Definitely on my favorite list

  • I just purchased round 2 of FB30 can’t wait to start it! I completed the first round 8 week program and saw amazing results. Love fitnessblender ☺️♥️

  • Wow, this was great! On some of the exercises I didn't quite feel the burn, which makes me really excited, because that's proof that I'm getting stronger. I can see the progress! Time to buy some heavier dumbbells!

  • Arms feeling like jello but also hard and strong hahahahaha

  • Loved this workout! Great from beginning to end, good length and good instructor! Thanks!

  • Lol how I almost forgot to workout today 🤣. My favorite move is the biceps and deadlifts too💪🏽 they make me feel strong 💪🏽😤

  • loved it! 3rd year following you guys 🙂 I did curtsy lunges while doing arm circles (woooo)

  • Really, really like this workout.

  • Awesome workout. Loved it. Thanks Fitness Blender team.

  • Thanx you very much guys. Really enjoied it!!,

  • جميل جدا

  • How Many times during the week should i do boddy Weight training for muscle grow (i dont have dumbells).. Does anyone has Any tips on muscle grow?

  • ( tw anxiety / panic attacks )

    i’m sitting at my laptop right now, just a few minutes after completing this routine, and i really can’t control my tears right now. they’re tears of relief, of joy, of accomplishment, of gratefulness. fitnessblender’s always been there for me when i’ve needed them – right from my first year of uni, when i weighed somewhere close to 90kgs. i was unhappy then, felt awful about myself, barely had the energy to step out of my room. little by little though, it’s been four years since, and i’m 64kgs now. daniel and kelly – your work, your honesty, your sincerity, and most of all, your kindness – all of it has been so, so helpful. i don’t have enough words to thank you.

    i work out five days a week, eat clean. it was only recently that my anxiety caught up with me again, leaving me feeling wound up, caged, nervous about everything. it was painful, i was unhappy. the day of my last final, after it was done, i got the worst panic attack i’ve ever had. a racing, pounding heart. feeling like i was doing to die. my friend was with me then. we rushed to my father’s cardiac doctor, my parents on the way. the doctor said i was fine, perfectly fine, did some routine tests. said i could continue with my routine but just had to monitor my blood pressure for a week.

    i’m a counselling psych student. i know how debilitating dysfunctional thoughts can be. i knew rationally i was fine, but god, it was so unpleasant. i’d never experienced panic, loss of control, foreboding that sinister. and my anxiety had been misdiagnosed as hypertension when i was in tenth grade – i have an awful relationship with those monitoring systems.

    it’s been five long days of living in fear. all those feelings of being caged, just heightened. i had my parents looking at me, concerned for my wellbeing. i was terrified of doing one thing i love – exercising. i’d completed a fitnessblender routine just a day before my panic attack, this very exercise, and i remember telling all my friends to check it out. the world just didn’t look vibrant anymore, you know? when you’re anxious about everything, the world just seems grey and unforgiving.

    it took a lot for me to get around to exercising today. i wanted to, god, did i want to. i’ve never wanted something as much, to feel alive again. and i told my mum, after the first round – i feel incredible, ma. i feel liberated.

    and i felt relief slowly, gradually. in the middle of the cool down, revelling in my strength, my endurance, my determination – i felt my tears before i realised i was crying. and as i’m writing this, i’m still tearing up but with a smile, so wonderfully happy.

    truly, thank you. for everything, for being by my side for years, even though we’ve never met. you’ve inspired so many of us, helped us on our journey, and you do it so selflessly. i’m going to hold onto this feeling, cherish it, and remind myself that i'm strong, beautiful, and capable of incredible things.


  • Yayyy. Second workout with you. Those circles humbled me too but I managed to keep the weighs! Thanks

  • Love this workout one of my favorites! Thank you!

  • Just finished this one for the first time and I loved all those new moves!! Keep up the great work, Kelli and Daniel!! 🙂 #workoutcomplete

  • The best upper body workout so far! Totally love it! It is brutal but it is worth it. My new favorite work out for upper body. Thanks guys, FB!

  • Thank you Kelli 🙂 <3

  • There was a time when i would not do my workout without watching workout videos(mostly FB). Thank you for helping me realize that fitness is a lifestyle. You guys are a huge inspiration to me.

  • Can you make a video using resistance bands please….. leg and arm workouts.. whatever you can use them for

  • Thanks Kelli that was an awesome workout. You are so encouraging ☺

  • for those who have tried fitnessblender’s workouts, which videoss are the most effective that i could do everyday to lose weight generally ? it’d be much appreciated!!

  • PHENOMENAL workout! LOVE the combo moves! You rock!

  • Kelli you looking beautiful… Your exercises is very effective 😊plz tell exercise for big breast am 18 year old but look like a 12 plz help me

  • Thanks, Kelli, for another amazing workout!!! 🏋️‍♂️💪👍😁

  • I loved this workout! It moved very quickly for me. I still had weights on the second set of arm circles but they were only 3 pounds and I was dying.

  • This is probably my FAVORITE upper body workout from Fitness Blender EVER!!!

  • Thank Kelli, this is my favorite workout. I've followed you for a couple of years. Love the variety and compound moves.

  • a

    26:16 definitely my favorite! I love the compound workouts. I always feel more confident in the 2nd round.

  • Damn, those arm circles with weights burn! Thanks for another amazing vid, Kelly!

  • just did this ! spoiler alert : TOUGHEST UPPER BODY WORKOUT EVERRR !

  • What type of timer do you use ?

  • Yes, I vary the weights, but I did all the exercises with the dumbbells, when you said cool down and stretch, I thought "that was fast!!"
    I really did love this work out, especially cause there was a hidden ab workout with it.

  • the halo + extension is my favorite upper body exercise 🙂

  • This was SO FUN! It FLEW by! Thanks so much for all these incredible workouts!!

  • This is the most fantastic upper body workout!!! Just finished and my arms are shaking 🖒😊 good job guys😍😍😍

  • Another great workout!!! I just realized that I am working out with you since 2014 and there was never a workout where I thought "That wasn't good" Of course there are routines I like more than others, but I enjoy all of them, especially the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. Keep going. Greatings from Germany.

  • Kelli! Do you have a calisthenics video for women begginer level, no equipment? I trust you guys and I'm too scared to try the men's videos for calisthenics in other channels. I recently tried it a bit and my body felt as if it was the ideal workout. But I don't wanna get too muscular or anything crazy bodybuilder style, I just want to be strong all around. Please, please consider doing a calisthenics for women, Kelli! Love from Greece, you guys. 💕