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The most hilarious moments of America’s Got Talent

By January 28, 2018

We all love America’s got talent, right? Be it the creativity that oozes out from the artists participating in the show or the unheard-of things that these participants do, America’s got talent has become one of the most viewed shows in the history of American television.

However there is also a lighter side to this creative show. We also have participants here who make us laugh so freaking hard that we tend to lose our minds and want to watch them over and over again. Such participants do crazy antics and at times make a fool out of themselves but that becomes a wonderful dose of laughter for the viewers. We know you love watching their acts and laugh out loud so we have brought to you an amazingly hilarious compilation of some of the funniest acts from the America’s got talent history. Here it is, enjoy the video with your loved ones and laugh your hearts out.


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  1. The first guy comes and eats really ugly stuff. He is pissing the judges off, everybody hates him but he’s hilarious.
  2. This guy has a really long tongue and uses his tongue to paint but boy when he paints it looks like the painting of a 5 year old. He paints a flower and ugly colourful flower. One of the worst auditions ever.
  3. A lady in red and black comes and tries seducing Simon straight away. She calls him on stage and then what she does is outrageous and hilarious at the same moment. She makes Simon touch her breasts and sings and in the end kisses Simon forcefully. Sheeven gets selected for the next round. One hell of a lady! She surely gets everyone excited.
  4. In the next one comes, a 49 year old lady trying to do acrobatics. She fails miserably and simply makes a fool of herself and others around her laugh out loud.
  5. This last one is surely one of the most hilarious moments of America’s got talent. This man turns up in a swimming suit with a prop like a little pool on the stage. He looks a pro and looks like someone who is going to deliver an amazing act and win the accolades of one and all. However what happens next is nothing short of tomfoolery! He jumps into the stage-pool and gets foamy white and disappoints everyone. After he is asked to leave, one of the judges go all the way to the stage to push the host into the same little pool but he drags her too. Both of them come out foamy and dirty. Then they go to the fellow judges and hug them and make them foamy too! Crazy, isn’t it? Well but that is how it ends.

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