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Stan Wawrinka vs Tennys Sandgren 2018 AO R2 Highlights

By June 12, 2018
  • We miss the Great Stan.

  • Is the American going to continue to play on the tour? I remember a few years back Donald Young was beating Murray in a grand slam and they had a rain delay. I believe it was Wimbledon. They came back and Murray took over while Young looked like someone paid him not to play.

  • Is Sandgren the guy with the black shirt? Cos that's what the highlights reel makes it look like. Sandgren was dominating the match but in this video they show Stan scoring points most of the time.

  • So the alt-right supporter lost and now he wants to call himself a Christian after sharing alt-right messages and attacking Serena Williams I don't think so you can't play Both Sides if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's a duck

  • Wawrinka is very bad now ever i wacht in tv

  • 2 fat sportsmen… How is this possible??

  • Stan Wawrinka, you aced us with your looks but your Australian Open 2018 performance was a double fault.

    Sandgren, shantay you stay.

  • Nice thumbnail xD

  • Fix

  • such odd choices from Stan – he's punished for not coming to the net. beautiful strokes but then awaits the slice return and he has to try again hit the lines

  • Wawrinka look to fat so he lost

  • I've never seen wawrinka get manhandled like this

  • Not surprising. Disappointing yes, surprising no. Love Stan and I hope he comes back full strength. But after being off so long it's hard to play well when you've had very little match play.

    He isn't wearing any knee support which is a good sign, but he needs to build confidence in the knee, restore his stamina and footwork and rebuild his overall confidence in his game. I am hopeful everything will fall into place. Hopefully by Wimbledon.

  • Poor Stan I hope he recovers. No movement right now.

  • What win for Tennys!! Finally at middle of last year break into top 100, now he's 26 yrs old much MATURE, much more dedicate and self conscious not take anything for granted.

  • Fuuuuuuck that guy hits the ball SO hard…every shot! 😣😯

  • wow. Tennys has some cheeky doublehander :D!

  • I didn't expect that to happen

  • I didn't expect that to happen

  • I love the incessant hum in the background! Nice touch!

  • Wawrinka looks so tired!

  • 4 year ago he a champion

  • The desire is big , but…it's not productive to play with 80%. It can be very dangerous, he should have sit this one.

  • Is this the year of upsets!? i mean Garbine,Venus,Raonic and now Stan… But, new stars maybe rising too

  • Did you fix the audio issue Ace? Perfect 🙂

  • Tennys played better tennis today. Stan has now plenty of time to set up for RG 2018…

  • how come wawrinka, looked immobile and lazy?

  • A guy named tennys plays tennis. Is this a coincidence or… his parents set him up for life?

  • gk pandei main pun

  • Take a break Stan…heal your injuries….

  • WP

    easiest match in Sandgrens life

  • Fresh