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Rare Asian and African Animals!

By May 16, 2018

Rare Asian and African Animals!
Follow along as I visit the Toronto Zoo and get the chance to see the Indian Rhino, Clouded Leopard, Pygmy Hippo and other endangered and rare animals of Asia and Africa.
Toronto Zoo

Indian Rhino

Malayan Tapir

Clouded leopard

*Filmed at Toronto Zoo 2011 by Brian’s Art for Animals
Thanks for watching! Your views help wildlife.


  • Clouded leopards are majestic

  • The Indian rhino is actually the largest species of Asian rhino.

  • "Zoos" are prisons.

  • Too much idealism.However, great job on concise info on the animals with some great shots.

  • It sounds like your promoting the False theory of Evolution when you say the gorilla is the mostly related to humans. Just because it has 95% same DNA as humans don't prove anything. The banana has 50% same DNA as humans. Does this prove we descended from bananas? Would you assume bananas descended from humans? Lol…

  • those hogs look amazing.i wish i could go to africa and catch them with a pokeball

  • Tapir -> Tah-peer

  • From my point of view, taking animals out of their natural habitats to be displayed is an atrocious and inhuman thing. They should have facilities in their countries to help them when needed.

  • It is important that the skin of the elephants is absolutely dry when they are let out from the stable into the wintry outside enclosure. Especially the edges of the ears and the tip of the tail of the elephants are particularly at risk at a severe cold. They should provide them with special shelter for the wind, and try to make their life better. Elephants can survive cold, but permanent cold during months can be very bad, at least make them suffer a lot.

  • Wow, that taiper looks delicious

  • Great Indian Rhinoceros is the biggest rhino in the world. Can height 1m8 to 1m92 and weight 3tons 3 to 3tons 5.

  • Probably because elasmotheriums are rhinos, just an extinct species

  • That makes no sense at all, how can a zoo be for endangered species only yet there are no animals there? Zoos serve an important purpose, many animals are perfectly well suited for captivity (Reptiles, herbivores, fish, etc) while some are not but serve as important breeders (Animals with large territories like big cats and large flying birds)

  • Those elephants were depressed as hell

  • Did anyone see the rare asian??? I think i missed it!

  • @ 00:47 That man looks alot like Kadaffi.

  • @briczar22 hahaha 😀

  • @RandomRetardedKid it could be.. words aint my strong point 🙂

  • I don't mean to sound rude, just trying to help, "guar" is pronounced "gow-er" and not like "gwar." 😀

    And if I'm wrong, then sorry… 😛

  • @xxEmpirionxx @xxEmpirionxx Yes, Indian rhinoceroses (also known as greater one-horned rhinos) are indeed the largest species. I thought whites were the biggest at first, too, but then I did a little studying with my animal books and online. Also, I found this size chart -> look up "rhinoceros" on Wikipedia and scroll down.
    Hope it helps! 😀

  • @xxEmpirionxx Both are about the same (4-7,000 pounds), Indian is the largest Asian species of Rhino, and White for Africa. Sorry for the confusion.

  • You said the Indian Rhino is the largest of the five species. Isn't the white rhino larger than the indian rhino?

  • Amaizing :3

  • Agree if we want animals for observation and studying we have to control our environment and stupidity

  • wait the idian rhino is larger than white rhinos

  • I dont care about the tilapia fish. If it dies i wont care. I only care about mammals. Its a very ignorant and close minded opinion but thats what your dealing with folks.

  • Wonderful!

  • @xxExistentialismxx It helps that I walk fast and also there wasn't a lot of people there so it made it easy to get around. The tapir was great. I will have part 2 up later this week. (it will have cheetahs, lions, polar bears, wolves..etc..)

  • Love it, this zoo is one of my favorites. How did you manage to do the whole thing in one day?! I've been 3 times (every time I go to Toronto) and we've always had to skip a large chunk. A special thanks for including Tanuck the Tapir, he's a favorite of ours and never seems to have visitors.

  • @ballin7077 Have fun. Plan for a lot of walking and a long day. I will put part 2 up next week.

  • @pallab1234 I am glad you liked the video. I should have the last part 2 up next week. It is a VERY big zoo. Thanks so much for the word translation as well.

  • I have been to this zoo about a year back. It is just amazing. I am glad that you put a video on that :), many thnakx….

    I started watching the zoo from the right and when come back to rhino after completing few kilometers of walk it was already too late :(, I just had a glimpse of it. Although I have seen rhino in wild 😉

    It is written : "varatia(Indian) genda(rhino) mandap(pavilion)"

  • @tracyvanity Thanks for watching i hope you like my other vids as well.

  • Thank you for acknowledging the view points on the animal welfare/conservation/rights spectrum in regards to zoos and what's best for wildlife. Yes, our opinions can differ greatly on that matter. As an animal rights activist, I'm morally opposed to zoos but I really liked your video because it's very informative on some of the many species in danger that need our help. I also enjoyed your narration. Those elephants looked very cold, I am glad they are being moved.

  • Thank you for acknowledging all the view points on the animal welfare/conservation/rights spectrum. As an animal rights activist, I'm morally opposed to zoos but I really liked your video because it's very informative on some of the many species in danger that need our help. I also enjoyed your narration.

  • Ink

    @briczar22 Wow thanks for the reply Ill take a look at that lens 🙂 if u learned how to use manual I bet you would get awesome Shots :).. But either way they were really good shots!

  • You definitely get around!

  • @briczar22 LOL… I still love my Leafs (even though they suck sometimes) That's awesome. We have been members of the TO Zoo for many years and my boys went to the summer camps there 🙂 PM if you ever come back. We love an excuse to go.

  • @TammyFlores1 This was filmed back in March when I went up to see the Blackhawks beat the Leafs. I didn't know I had any TO viewers. I hope to be back sometime.

  • @thekill1197 I use a Canon 100-400 lense. I usually have it out to the 300 area and set on auto as I don't know much about all the manual settings. Due to the cold weather the Rhino and Tapir were inside so it let me see them close up.

  • Ink

    one last things what lens were you using when you were taking those shots?

  • Ink

    Tapirs are awesome XD and that indian Rhino was amazing looking

  • If I had known you were there… we could have met up with you as we have passes and live very close.