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Patriots vs. Eagles: Super Bowl XXXIX Full Highlights | NFL

By May 10, 2018

Full highlights from Super Bowl XXXIX between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots.

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  • Eagles did not do so well but this year 2018 that won against the patriots 41 to 33

  • This was absolutely one the greatest moments in the Pats dynasty for those like myself who have watched or listened on the radio (many home games were blacked out on local tv during the lean years) to just about every snap of each season for countless years. The '05 – '18 seasons have produced nearly heart-stopping highs and unforgettable losses, but this moment brings back memories that can never be duplicated.

  • Guys look Brady’s still here

  • Andy Reid can’t manage a clock if his life depended on it

  • Haha in your face patriots

  • Eagles are the Browns of the NFC 😂

  • Too bad we bust there ass dis time

  • And that's what the NFL get for trying to predict the Superbowl

  • LM

    From underdogs to champions! So proud of the Eagles & happy for the entire Eagles franchise/fanbase! It was a long time coming but they worked hard to overcome so many hurdles & deserved this championship! Great team & Superbowl victory!🏈🏆🏈 #BirdGang #GoEagles #SuperbowlChamps

  • No one could have told me.the eagles would beat patriots in super bowl. I would not have believed it in a million years

  • The Eagles are so ass they never won the super bowl until now😂

  • I was 13 when this happened. 13 years later(basically a whole lifetime), as underdogs the entire time in the playoffs, we finally did it. Victory is so sweet.

  • Fake News!!!

  • Back when we had defense

  • We got our revenge. EAGLES ARE CHAMPIONS LET GOOO

  • Do you ever sit and wonder why McNabb might have been tired? Just actually watch every play in this game and if you still can’t figure it out you don’t know anything about football

  • 477 salty Patriot fans update below ⬇

  • This is fake

  • Im loving the video! Keep the content coming. My page has artist content on it you should give it a listen! Promise you won’t regret it😁

  • Its ight they won superbowl 52

  • Joe


  • congrats to the Eagles! you did a great job.

  • Too bad the NFL is no longer a sporting event according to Roger Godell! It's entertainment! The NFL is a Sham and the Games are fixed its more like pro-wrestling than pro-wrestling! The NFL is "NO LONGER A SPORTING EVENT IT IS ENTERTAINMENT" according to Roger Godell himself, he admitted to fixing the games to get more of a entertainment factor! What happened to "REAL COMPETITIVE SPORTS"? Why would anyone want to go and see a fixed sporting event? So much for real competitive sports!

  • Eagles for win SuperBowl LII

  • Remember watching this game as a kid. Payback tastes so good. Fly Eagles Fly!

  • Mmm… there's nothing like the taste of roasted G.O.A.T.!!!
    Thank you Philadelphia Eagles! You executed justice!

  • made in 2002