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Lower Body Strength for Mass – Ultimate Home Workout for Lower Body Mass

By April 15, 2018

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  • Completed

  • 12.29.17 Workout complete! Side lunges get my knee tweaky, so I try to avoid them and modified where needed.

  • Very very gooooooood

  • Gooooooooog

  • I just want to say this, thank God I found this channel🙏🏻. Thank you Daniel and your wife 😻.. You guys had help me in so much + my flexibility has improved 10000% and 12 year daughter says that she has been doing stretching for a very long time and I can do things she cant …!!💪🏻

  • You guys are the best. Workout Complete!

  • I feel pain in my lower back the entire time, which got me pretty frustrated. What was I doing wrong?

  • finished !!!

  • Workout complete 🙂

  • 15-07-16

  • an inner thigh killer 🙂

  • Thanks Daniel, good job.

  • Love that workout! I gave it my all and now I have my reward of jello legs! 👍

  • lol thanx 💪💪

  • I just love this workout

  • Can't keep up :p

  • My Christmas Eve workout! And I am aching now! Merry Christmas guys; thank you so much for the videos and all of your hard work 🙂

  • This is a great workout. Can be done by someone is 5 1/2 months pregnant!! Keep them coming. I pick new ones weekly.

  • those inside leg raises! my gosh…haha 🙂

  • Thank you Daniel and Kelly , you are the best

  • Thanks Daniel ,so happy that i did this workout ,my upper body is so sore ,no way to rest ,i'll make all kind of gains .a short HIIT+this workout .Unbeatable .

  • can i do this if i want to burn fat or i should better do some hiit?

  • alright now at the end there Daniel didn't think you'd ever stop with the lunges! lol great workout thx

  • Really needed this-tough but refreshing, thank you!!