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Intense at Home HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout – Abs On Fire

By April 15, 2018

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  • loved this super high intensity

  • This is my favourite workout so far, I did it every other day for two months… unfortunately, my eating habits are literal chaos haha keep on with the good work

  • I hate this workout almost as much as I love it, when you guys started the workout off with burpees I went, "this mofo…"
    So worth it in the end lol

  • R.I.P for all of us that made it through this torture 😂

  • Jeesh, that one was a BIATCH.

  • This is one of the best workouts. Time flies, and I feel great afterward.

  • This workout isn't for humans. Legs dead, can't walk!😢

  • I’ve tried. In the 1st day.. wouughhh.. really hard to finish

  • Ok so this is the first time I've ever felt like I've ACTUALLY outdone anyone at anything physical in my entire life… My husband (who can bench 160lbs and leg press 220) was ready to WHIMP OUT half way through this!! 😂😂 I made him finish it tho and now we both feel like we just conquered Everest!! Our Tuesday nights are now going to be referred to as "date night with Kelli and Daniel"! 😂👌💪🏻

  • I tried to do a that kick through… I couldn't do it 😂😂😂

  • very good.. will make it part of my reoutine.. yall are awesome… PERIOD.. cant say tks enough… truly life changing experience with you two….

  • workout complete

  • I think the kick through deserves some more explanation on how to do and what muscles to focus on, etc! I couldn't do it at all!

  • My depression hit me hard today and I only managed to do the first 3 rounds. Workout attempted 04.09.2017 – 3.07am #FB30

  • I feel this is not a level 4 workout since you used some of the hardest hiit cardio moves..this seems harder than some of your level 5s..but great workout nonetheless! Thanks Daniel!

  • I have a question. Whenever I'm working out and there are any types of planks involved I always hear that you should never dip your hips or make them any higher than in line from your shoulders to your ankles but when I see most people do burpees their backs always dip when going into the plank so does that mean your supposed to do that when doing a burpee or is that wrong and improper form?

  • One of my favorite workouts from you guys!

  • Note to self : wait at least 3 hours after lunch before doing abs, I almost puked during the plank because of compressing my stomach while contracting my abs hahaha

  • Excellent, love fitnessblender! Specially these "for people who get bored easily" workouts! The Best!

  • Out of all the workouts I've done(and trainer) I have to say Daniel is the worst(in a good way). If I see Daniel on the thumbnail I start to tear up and get mad. Halfway through, I was cursing Daniel. Those kickthroughs!!!!! I hate them and those star jumps….. Please Daniel stop this, your killing us. Lol XD

  • Thank you Daniel, now that is something! It was relieving to see that you also got tired! 🙂

  • This is one of my favorite cardio vids from Fitness Blender! I'm sweating buckets the whole way through.

  • I sneakingly tapped out on most but star jumps were obvious. Took a few rests during burnout. Workout complete 10.05.2017 – 5.50am #FBAbs

  • I did this workout yesterday. I took advice from the comments and did mountain climbers instead of the kick-throughs. I love the soreness that I feel in my abs today!!!

  • Star jumps whoaaa))))

  • I am not able to do kick throughs. is there an easier method of doing it and then pacing it up with the correct posture?

  • usually all of ur workouts r butt kicking but this one was BRUTAL! loved it! totally recommending it to my friends! and when u said burn out i thought "eh not thats not too bad" but once we actually got to it, my body was so done that I couldnt even lift up into a plank LOL but i forced myself to anyways lmaooo

  • This is cheating!!!! star jumps… jumping lunges! this was a sneaky leg day more than abs on fire!

  • 2:45 tap dancing lessons 😂