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HIIT Cardio, Abs and Yoga Workout – Fun Mashup with Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Options

By April 16, 2018

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  • I'm not the type to leave comments all the time but I absolutely love following your videos. I started with a very easy one and completely sucked at it, but I was encouraged by the fact that you guys seem very human and said that it was difficult for you as well so it gave me hope! Had to stop shortly after starting because of a long planned holiday but I came back fitter than ever (holidays with me consist of walking 10kms a day). Resumed my training 3 days ago, but I already feel a difference between 3 days ago and today! Each day I try a longer work out and love every second of it! So good that you include warm ups as well, it's so essential but most people don't include it! Anyway keep up the good work and I hope to keep being motivated! 🙂

  • DANIEL KELLI! today I was able to do the wheel pose for the 1st time ever! I couldn’t have done it without your workouts THANKS GUYS!

  • Lol they pulled an okie doke and changed outfits! Thought I had accidently switched videos!

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  • That is such a great workout! Thank you both!

  • I really enjoyed this mash up workout, worked up a good sweat and felt like I really worked hard. The only downside was that the cool down stretch didn't offer much in terms of lower body stretches, so I added a few extra stretches at the end. Thank you so much for the great content! 🙂

  • I couldn't make it through. I mamde it 12 minutes and I was on the floor. I'll keep trying though
    UPDATE: Been doing this workout a few days now and I can now make it 20 minutes in. Making progress, will definitely keep at it!

  • #workoutcomplete Thank you, Kelli and Daniel, for always being there to rescue me! I just felt so so so not good today & this one really picked me up. Now I have more energy & feel like I accomplished something today. And I did half a wheel, yay!! 🙂 ( –> not exactly one of my strongest yoga poses ^^)

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  • Another great video guys! I love your down to earth approach. Your sessions are helping me get back into shape whilst my baby sleeps, as I can no longer attend my outdoor HIIT classes. Thank you!

  • I love you guys both. I will never forget the day I accidentally run into one of your fitness videos. I was looking for how to exercises your abs while standing I to be honest I still do this workout form time to time. I am from Poland and we have tons of Polish fitness gurus but no one can replace you. I love how Kelly is not over-fit with standing out abdominal muscles, just lean and simply fit. You are my motivation!

  • It is nice to see you guys workout together!

  • Sweating like I just stepped out of the swimming pool. Whew!!!

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  • these videos are awesome !

  • i like to this of this as a single workout with lots of wardrobe changes.

  • Followed it up with a super set of leg lifts and russian twists! And a few more stretches!!Thanks for the videos, great for when I cant make the classes at the gym!

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  • made a quick one during the water break. wink wink

  • pls tell they re hooking up

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    I pushed myself really hard on this workout yet my watch says I burned 182 calories only :'( is that even possible when the smallest number on the calorie bar is 207 ? How reliable are these devices ?

  • two extra breaks in between but got there

  • 171216 workout complete

  • I just did this for the first routine for the first time and loved it. I honestly did it out of guilt over a pizza binge and look forward to doing this routine regularly in combination with better food choices 😉

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  • 221016 workout complete

  • 040916 workout complete

  • Love this workout!

  • I'm sure this has been asked before, but do you both go to the gym? if so, whats your gym routine?

  • 10-07-16

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  • you guys are awesome!!! complete!