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ATP Match Highlights Day 8 | Brisbane International 2018

By April 15, 2018
  • Krygios always finishes titles with aces

  • Qué hago!!! Me fascina el tenis.!!!

  • 😁Kyrgios looks so bored..

  • Come on man, smiles… You just won in your home country!

  • Kyrgios is Amazing

  • Watch his speech, also he was proud he is just serious at times

  • Wtf he looks so disappointed

  • Ему интересно играть в теннис, я про киргиоса…

  • I'm trying so hard to like this guy. Great player…but such a smug prick.

  • Lmao he looks so dissatisfied.

  • Kyrgios doesn't look satisfied haha

  • Job done