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30 Minute HIIT Cardio and Lower Body Strength Workout – Muscle Building, Fat Burning Home Workout

By May 16, 2018

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  • is it pointless if i do deadlifts without weights

  • Que aula maravilhosa!! Organizada e muito eficiente!!

  • I like all your workout but I go for 30min or 35min

  • I skate for a roller derby league and your workouts are the perfect endurance/ balance/ strength cross training I need. Thanks Daniel!

  • 1. Wow in sweating really hard
    2. I always need to pee with your workouts
    3. I feel so fucking great.

  • Nice workout!!

  • YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME 👏 I use one of your programs at least 3 times a week. I have been working your program for 6 months and seeing big results. I do other exercise as well. Tomorrow is cardio kick boxing. Thank you 😊

  • I needed a bit of break from upper body workouts because they had really been grueling for me lately! So it was good to focus on my lower body. This one definitely got to me, especially those last few exercises. Rocket squats and high knees? Killer combo!!

  • My husband and I just finished this workout, and we are drenched in sweat w/ jello legs! I’m always amazed to get this much done in thirty minutes. Thank you

  • Thanks for all, this channel is my favorite, My from is Colombia. Congratulations

  • Loved it! My legs were shaking during the stretches too.

  • What's the brand/model of the quick adjust dumbell you' re torturing us with 😅?

  • That was great, finished all a few minutes ago, thanks

  • interesting equip

  • Question: what should we be feeling in deadlifts? What muscles should we be using to perform deadlifts? Not totally understanding them..??

  • Great work out,!

  • I thought that 30 minutes would be easier.. I was so wrong! Great leg workout Daniel, I am dripping with sweat and feel amazing 🙂

  • This was great, thanks!

  • Great workout! I'm sweating like crazy! Thank you!

  • I'm new to working out so I did this work out without any added weight. Its a good leg and glute workout as legs were shaking at the end even without weight. I like that I can test my skills with weight as I revisit this one in a couple of weeks. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos.

  • Love this workout!!!!!!


  • Hi there. I 've been following you for the last couple of months. I am exercising for years and i can honestly say you have some of the best work outs i ever tried. One that knows can identify the details that make these really quality work outs. Congratulations and keep up!

  • Thanks for workout. I really appreciate the pointers on form.

  • Lovvvvvvvvve this workout!!!!!!!

  • Amazing! Love the option of great HIIT workouts at home when I can't make it to the gym! Thank you Fitness Blender!

  • This is a great workout! I like that, with the HIIT, the exercises change constantly enough that you barely have time to complain at the burn before you're onto the next one. 😊

    And I can do this on my cycle, yet it's still challenging. A few times during the weight section I was like, "is the 45 seconds oVER?!" Haha my glutes burned so bad. 😂Thank you! 🙏🏼

  • Great workout – I was sweating like crazy!

  • Did (20 minutes of) this yesterday, woke up today and my ass hurts. It works – thanks for the kick in the ass! 🙂

  • Good workout

  • Great burn in my legs and glutes! Thanks!

  • You guys got me hooked on your videos!

  • My fave so far. Good for beginners and had warmup and cool down. Adding to my daily playlist.

  • I love this format!

  • I had absolutely no motivation today, so I decided to check out your guys’ page cause you guys always help. This was PERFECT and exactly what I needed. An incredible workout complete 💪🏻 Thanks so much as always!! ❤️

  • I'm 62 and this works for me! I have to do some exercises modified, but I get a really good workout anyway.

  • This is way harder than I thought! I did it this morning, and OMG it was so tough!! thanks 🙂