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20 Minute HIIT Workout with Warm Up and Cool Down – At Home HIIT Video

By May 20, 2018

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  • This is the first time I have worked out in a few months. Workout complete! I hope to accomplish many more this month.

  • Daniel I have a very good feeling that I will do again and again when I am crunched for time! Kicked My butt!!! Sweatfest!!!!

  • you are the voice over all of that narrative exercise video !!! hahaha

  • Can’t.. Do.. Cool down……

  • Great workout.! Did this to get in a quick workout thinking it would be something light….. NOT AT ALL LIGHT. But I am glad I was able to get in a quick, intense workout today. Thanks guys!!!

  • Awesome! <3

  • Loved the workout!

  • I've avoid danie l for years thinking he would've been so tough. Man was i wrong Kelley is so brutal lol

  • You should make more 20 minute videos like this!

  • this type of is different

  • It is really a killer, I love it too.
    I also do it barefoot so my feet hurts a bit when doing plank jacks

  • Love it. Simple and to the point. Nice directions to keep you thinking and moving right as you go. Thanks!

  • I did it

  • Great workout! The first round was definitely harder than the second… but maybe that's also because my legs are stronger than my arms. Really enjoyed the inclusion of those plank jacks — Any jumping/moving push-ups are always what challenge my arm strength the most.

  • I enjoyed that a lot

  • This was a great workout in a short amount of time! Great for when you don't have a whole lot of free time 😊

  • Great combination of jumps and planks, all classics but gooooood ones. Thanks a million !

  • Amazing, thank you!

  • awesome! .. just now finished it. I am gonna go for 8 weeks program


  • I did this one about 6 weeks ago but I fancied a bit of cardio, it was the fist one I saw although I got an stitch near the end too. Still loved it… the workout. Cheers.

  • I burned 143 calories with this

  • Hi you all! Thank you so much for creating things! I have one question- doing the front jacks my back really hurt, I had to switch to a regular jumping jack… do you think it's because my back is too weak? What would you suggest I work on so I can properly do that exercise? Thanks a million!

  • Great!!

  • My first workout in our new house in Hamburg 🙂 Thanks, it was fairly easy going and great to get the juices flowing.

  • Thanks !!!

  • Amazing! Couldn’t do it all because it was so intense and I’m just beginning but I loved it. Hopefully soon I can complete it, thank you!

  • Workout complete. I’m a sweaty mess💦 Just finished week 1 of Ur Vegan meal Plan ❤️

  • variety of drills+ built a good sweat! much likes

  • Love your work outs. Simple but effective.

  • Thank you for another great HIIY workout @fitnessblender I was sweating buckets!