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10 Wrestlers Taught By Surprising Trainers

By May 24, 2018
  • We need more of that tongue flicking seen in the outro. 😉

  • If Finn and Becky formed a mixed team…….

  • is Pierre Ouelette related to Maryse I'm pretty sure they both have the same last name and they're both Canadian so I thought maybe

  • George South is the fucking man he could make anybody look good in the ring

  • Why does the guy in the thumbnail on the right look like Joe from impractical jokers?

  • Now that Adam b is gone Simon is now the only reason I watch what culture

  • I love that feeling when you click on a WhatCulture video and hear Simon's voice.

  • Aaaaaah
    Simon is here
    It feels….. right somehow

  • I think it's at least a little bit noteworthy that Sami Zayn was "El Generico" in Ring of Honor a few years back. He was a masked comic relief wrestler that poked fun at old school WWE lower midcarders like El Olympico and the Golden Terror.

  • In the words of Hulk Hogan during his WCW days: "It's the WALL, man!" (A comment you would never expect to hear any wrestler make, much less Hogan…)

  • cool video

  • Gangrel is still wrestling & opened a new training facility, he’s wrestling just about every day of the week all over the world and trains up- comers too! He barely spends any time at home (hence part of the reason for his last divorce) he’s knocking 50 year-old and his work is amazing!I’m surprised you don’t know more about him. Also when Galloway was still on the indies and claimed to be the hardest working/ most travelled wrestler in the world, at the time, I slightly disagreed, not to disrespect, I adore him too but, I used to say, no, your crown is equal, with David Heath- Gangrel!

  • I think Martin Kirby deserves to be an honorable mention because not only was he trained by Dragon Aisu, but also his rival, El Ligero. These 2 rivals are brilliant athletes and when I saw Martin Kirby finally defeat El Ligero in the final episode of Loaded from WCPW, I was jumping for joy.

  • Another interesting one to note is that Big Show was actually trained by Triple H

  • Mr. Hughes is the best

  • No more simon…

  • Am i the only one who took notice that Tye Dillinger was on number 9?

  • 5:53 omg Joe

  • I miss the Vaudvillans

  • That Craig David-7 Days reference ❤

  • Greasy

  • Rusev’s trainers were pretty unexpected 💯💯 (and Cedric’s)

  • I love my boy Simon 💯💯

  • Simons the best thing about what culture wrestling

  • LOL!!If Balor is that good why does he only do the kicking in the ring!

  • Good list. I think Kevin Owens should NOT have been listed though, especialy considering that the title of the video is "wrestlers taught by surprising trainers" and Simon even said it's not too surprising that he was trained by the Quebecers. Afterall, Owens is from Quebec, why would he not be trained by the most famous wrestling family members from the area who have been training people for years.

  • Anybody else hate Cedric Alexander?

  • Roderick Strong was trained by Jim Neidhart, Prince Iaukea, and The Warlord (of Powers of Pain fame)
    Mr. Hughes also trained Moose and Apollo Crews as well as Lucha Underground's Dante Fox (AR Fox)
    George South was also involved in Matt Hardy's training/mentoring

  • Mr Hughes is nice too

  • George south is a great man,I’ve met him multiple times at AML wrestling shows

  • Love the Craig David 7 days reference about Kurt angle 😂😂

  • Ah, that makes a ton of sense! I always thought Rusev works like a Samoan.
    Also, I thought you’d talk about how Kassius Ohno trained Cesaro.
    And since we’re talking trainers: Eddie Sharkey trainers Austin Aries, Shawn Daivari, ODB, Road Warriors, Bob Backlund, Rick Rude, and Sean Waltman (and me).

  • Should have put Kassius Ohno training Cesaro on here.

  • Happy samoan vampire day

  • Owens was only trained be Jacques, not the other one.

  • Becky Lynch❤️

  • Why you gotta do my boy Craig David like that? Lol

  • I thought Sami zyan was trained by el generico

  • Why's Cesaro in the thumvnail

  • Kurt is Grundy?

  • Imo gangrel is better than rikishi , he took edge and Christian under his wing too when they were starting.

  • Trolling everyone on this video

  • im sorry but becky lynch is so bae

  • Kevin Owens sucks

  • i bet this video was recorded 7-8 months ago and published now! i have that feeling.

  • I know George south

  • Did ember moon train with booker T also?