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Roger Federer v Marin Čilić match highlights (F) | Australian Open 2018

By March 14, 2018
  • what an idiot to challenge on match point at 1-5 down 15-40 down. Just give it to him already. So what if you were entitiled. Poor form, Cilic

  • C'mon guys. The game had 5 sets and the highlights video is only 5 minutes long? I thought you were better than the Wimbledon channel.

  • I was watching this game live and I knew that if roger loses the fourth set the next set will be a slaughtee

  • Hey how come the the ps97 rf autograph i bought does not work like this? Wilson give me my money back…

  • Federer is MSOAT (most successful of all time). 20 slams but 3-9 & 6-9 in slams against his 2 biggest rivals Nadal & Djokovic. It’s about the quantity.
    Nadal is GOAT (greatest of all time). 16 slams and 9-3 & 9-4 in slams against his biggest rivals Federer & Djokovic. It’s about the combo of quantity/quality.

  • But I thought Federer was supposed to be washed up

  • It would be better if this video was of the Jim Courier commentary.

  • This is what is called as the renaissance man

  • There will be no one like him ad they say in Sanskrit language "na bhuto na bhavishyati" means not in the past nor in future" beyond compare..and just imagine pygmies like Nadal and Djokovic thought that they were greater then Federer…they wanted to break his records…now father tome has caught up with them and will not come back to competitive tennis again…soon Federer's going to replace Nadal as the top ranled player in yhe world…Federer has had the last laugh…hurrrray

  • https://youtu.be/0PHtylw51VA

    must must watch for federer fans!

  • What can you say about this man, RF?!! Legend doesn't quite cover it.

  • Nadal is lucky guy y because had Federer been double hander then he could have won many French open only because of one hand it's not possible for him to get there of high bounce that's y still Federer is single handedly best the best player

  • These guys were pummeling the ball and both were moving like gazelles. High quality tennis. Congratulations Roger on your Amazing Achievement.

  • it's almost a week later and I still can't stop thinking about that shot at 1:54! I gasped out loud when I first saw it

  • Michael jordan of tennis….all time great


  • Pure handsome beautiful de verdad la verdadera belleza

  • Roger Federer is the GOAT in Tennis in my opinion I love watching him !! Keep getting them 🏆🏆🏆

  • Love you, FEDERER THE GREAT!!!

  • I feel very lucky that I have been able to witness the best ever sportsman on earth… KingRoger.. There are many great sportsman around the world but there is no one like him 😘

  • Guinee mauce

  • Honestly, I'm surprised Roger won the AO.  Maybe he was lucky that Rafa, Novak, Stan, and Andy were still injured and they let him play mostly at night and then closed the roof.  But I really wasn't impressed with his level of play throughout the championships.  His groundstrokes lacked punch, he has gone back to resorting to his slice backhand a lot, running around his backhand to hit forehands again, and he seems to have lost a bit of foot speed.  Also, his drop shots weren't hitting the mark as normal, either short into the net or too close to the service line.  The fifth set in the final, Marin lost it more than Roger won it.  Marin made so many errors.  In fairness, Roger won it because he was more consistent.  Hopefully his level of play will get better later in the year.

  • Simplesmente o melhor esse Roger federer

  • G O A T

  • espectacular!!! no creo q vuelva a nacer un tenista tan tan tan bueno, tanto dentro como fuera de la cancha.

  • espectacular!!! no creo q vuelva a nacer un tenista tan tan tan bueno, tanto dentro como fuera de la cancha.

  • espectacular!!! no creo q vuelva a nacer un tenista tan tan tan bueno, tanto dentro como fuera de la cancha.