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Niall Horan’s “On The Loose” Song About Selena Gomez?

By March 13, 2018

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Look, we all know that Niall and Sel have been spotted hanging out together on a few different occasions during the past several years. First, rumors began to swirl that while Selena and Justin were on one of their many breaks in February of 2014, Selena flew out to London to hang out with Niall and some friends.

Not long after, sources said they saw Sel and Niall, QUOTE, “kissing, hugging, and dancing close to one another” at Jenna Dewan Tatum’s 35th birthday party. There were also rumors floating around that the two had a fun rollercoaster date on the Santa Monica Pier in 2015, and that in another instance, Sel was spotted hanging out at Niall’s home after she posted a picture on Instagram that appeared to have been taken in his living room. Wow.

But even though we never exactly got down to the bottom of Selena and Niall’s rumored relationship at the time, fans are now convinced that their fling was actually pretty serious! In fact, they think it was so serious that Niall’s new single, “On The Loose,” is all about her!

While some fans instantly began to draw comparisons between Selena and the animated woman in the lyric video, other people on Twitter felt that the lyrics were a dead giveaway. Specifically, the lyric that says, QUOTE, “I know what it’s like, I fell for it twice, and now I’m just warning you.”

Well, not so surprisingly, fans on Twitter are ready to spill some tea! One Twitter user wrote, QUOTE, “anyone free to talk about how much on the loose is about Selena Gomez?” with another adding, “Niall really exposed Selena Damn.”

At its core, the song is all about a girl who played mind tricks on Niall and strung him along before moving on to someone else, which is not so different from the themes we heard in some recent Charlie Puth songs, which were also rumored to have been about Selena. Hmm…

But what do you guys think? Is Niall’s new song really about Selena Gomez? Let us know in the comments section below, and then click to the left to find out what’s really going on with Jelena. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time!

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  • Fake news!!!!

  • Nobody said that and those arent even niall's fans!

  • Shes lucky as hell then i mean. Taylor wrotess songs about ex as usual..but selena..well mens wrote songs aboutvher..damn girl..you go gurlll

  • Hahhahahhahahahahhaha

    Got a good laugh early in the morning😂

  • It doesn't prove a thing.Guys they broke up about 2 years.Nail could to date with other girl and write about her.Nobody knows what's in Nail's mind

  • Selena is a little Player… Justine plays her and she plays everyone else… 😂😂😂 The girl in the video, acts and resembles Selena down to a T… Did anyone see the guy the Selena look alike, was all up on in the video… Ringer for the Weekend, right…? Coincidence… I think not… 🤔🤔🤔

  • @boobunga you dont know selena enuf to have the right to say that she sleeps around with men . shame on you .

  • selena exposed! That"s so cool

  • #fakenews
    They are just friends! Selena is back with Justin

  • I think that people should leave celebrities alone especially Niall who has had so many rumors like him and hailee Steinfeld, she hung out at Nialls house so now their dating it's so stupid. Why can't celebrities hang out with the opposite sex without people thinking their dating. I feel so sorry for niall who gets all this dumped on him. We don't know who the song is about and it night not even be about anyone. If niall doesn't want to tell everyone what the song is about u should stop tourchuring him with tweets and videos like this is so pathetic and childish. Every time I hear a dating rumor about niall on the radio or tv i feel like climbing through the screen and punching the people right in the face, just leave the poor boy alone and enjoy his music he has worked so hard on. JEEZ!!!!!!!

  • OMFG the fact that so many guys make songs about her says something. A MESS.

  • They didn't even dating omg

  • 🙃

  • Tf no

  • These rumors need to stop. Just enjoy their music 💀

  • Niall isn't like that if you knew Niall!

  • This is just ridiculous "evidence" to base this argument on. And anyways there shouldn't be an argument in the first place. He didn't write the song for people to sit and pick apart at it. He wrote it for people to listen to and enjoy and relate to in their own way. So do that, and don't waste time psychoanalyzing something that isn't really anybody else's business but Niall's. Its a really good song and I like it, I hate to see it turned into pointless internet gossip. One of the things I love most about Niall is how much of a gentlemen he is, how kind he is. I just don't see him as the kind of person who would do this, he loves music to much to degrade it like that. What I mean by that is when you write a song for the sole purpose of taking a jab at someone it sort of takes away from the value of it, it just makes it trashy. And I mean if you were really angry at someone you might do this to just get that anger out, but putting it out there for the world is another thing completely. Its kind of just mean and Niall would never do anything like that. Lol sorry for the rant ;P.

  • i

    oh shut up

  • Boo media

  • Not true

  • Well, I never thought that this song is about her until I saw the mv them I admit it's about her🙂 thx for listening

  • well it can be about anyone xp


  • Y'all dumb. Delete this uglies

  • Everyone is crazy about selena these days!

  • Did even anyone talk about Selena?

  • Selena Selena Selena

  • Honestly? Please stop dragging Selena into these rumours. She's already struggling through a lot. She's back with Justin. They look happy, and Niall and Justin are good friends so please stop dragging her into these, and ruining their friendships. Seriously. I'm not even a Selena fan, but I feel worried for her. She's been through a lot of shit. Shit PEOPLE can't even imagine and she really doesn't deserve this. And as a Belieber, I know how much struggle Justin has been through in the last 4 years and he doesn't deserve this as well. Let them be. Leave them alone. They don't need this now. Let them breath. As a Directioner, I would rather ask you to appreciate the beauty of this song and Niall's talents and music. He deserves better. Show your love for them. These rumours won't get you anywhere.

  • can you people stop posting shits like these?

  • Shut the fuck up.. Niall's song is not about Selena okay. can you guys leave Niall. He doesn't give a shit about your conspiracy theories.

  • can y'all stop lmao

  • They are just friends stop this is so stupid

  • Why Selena ?

  • Total bullshit, your channel is bullshit, i mean this is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • wtf

  • THE ACTUAL FUCK. Let the guys breathe. Dammit

  • this is just stupid on another level. i mean, i have nothing against selena but cmon. the world doesn't revive around her. smh

  • k m

    ugh stop making fake rumours😧

  • Hahah no way!

  • I never liked Selena. She just seems like she is faking everything and she only seeks for attention. I don’t know if Niall wrote the song about her but I am just glad he released the single because it is freaking amazing.

  • What kind of bullshit is this

  • It's about Harry Styles for gods sake

  • People should know that even if you don't date someone they still can have a big impact on you that you write a song over them. Haven't you guys ever had someone you were in a fling with and wanted a relationship but your partner just said no and walked away? If you could write and sing, you'd totally make a song about that. Dating isn't necessary for a song.

  • why the bullshit ?

  • What the hell??

  • Nope it's not about her

  • I like how celebrities can’t make a song with out news outlets thinking that it is about someone and when they see a boy and a girl are seen together they are automatically dating

  • It's more about Elli then selena if you ask me lol