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Lower Body Toning Workout – 56 Minute Butt and Thigh Tabata Workout with Fitness Blender

By March 13, 2018

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  • This was a work out with a lot of consistency, doing each exercise in 8 rounds per movement was really nice. This is a great one to do while watching tv!(once you know the proper form, that is.) Deadlifts, squats, lunges, crunches, calf raises, some pilates flutterkicks.

  • if this video made without cuts between exercises it will be more realistic and also we would have the same suffering! But don't get me wrong I do this every week.Helps with my running.Keep it up.

  • How many calories shoud I burn with this workout?

  • Did it yesterday and completely sore today. I struggled with those 8 rounds of flutter kicks (seemed so damn long!) and was almost unable to lift up my legs for those back bows. But, completed it and it felt amazing!!!

  • Os amo.

  • loved that stressed in muscles with weights and resistance .. not much of cardio so it's usually bearable for most of ppl i loved you both kelly and daniel pls keep up and make more videos

  • I'm a big fan of tabata workout! Thank you guys. Love your energy.

  • Wow, I'm 100% sure I gonna be so sore tmw!!!! I really enjoyed working out with both of you together, such a great energy! Thx guys.

  • Solid lower body ab workout – not to bad if you go light and control your weight/body

  • I can always count on a great workout from FitnessBlenders !  I tend to choose a new one often times !  Often times I will repeat !  So many to choose from !  Thank you ! Two !

  • I made it through dripping in sweat

  • Love, love, love this workout! Thank you guys.

  • i'm a subscriber and workout to your muscle building with weights video's every day💪😍. I would really like to know what each workout helps build😕 while doing them. Would it be possible to incorporate that info while doing the technique🙏

  • Loved it!!

  • since doing ur strenght my butt is transform to model butt my hubby loves it so😚😚😚 do my jeans

  • all i say is completed dead dead dead

  • great workout¡

  • I would love to see you guys redo this video with all opposite movements, such as ski squat instead of sumo, reverse lung instead of forward and so on. This one was by far my favorite workout I've done of yours.

  • I love your workout routine. Very clear and straightforward.

  • I will forever hate flutter kicks.. OUCH

  • Another great workout!!👍

  • thanks !!

  • workout complete 🙂

  • ow

  • they're so loved up dude I swear a pink heart popped up on my screen lol

  • I was actually that tired after the backbows, that the thought of just staying there and sleep was pretty attracting 😉

  • I've lossed 22 pounds with fitness blender. I'm So grateful to God for sending me Daniel and Kelli.I have a program that I can finally stick to and no more bullimia.

  • i love you gays .. you made me feel better and stronger .. 😚😚😚😚

  • I almost died 😜 thanks you guys.

  • Amazing workout!!

  • Wow! What a workout!!! Thank u, I'm going to be sire tomorrow 🙂

  • As I said on the website… you guys totally need to get back to these… maybe to a TABATA Week Challenge!!!

  • I am so glad I found fitness blender, every single day I do your videos and has helped me get toned and lose weight thanks guys

  • LUVS IT !!!!!