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Clemson vs. NC State Football Highlights (2017)

By March 12, 2018

Clemson vs. NC State: Kelly Bryant didn’t have a perfect game, but he came up big when it mattered, scoring twice on the ground and once through the air, as the No. 4 Clemson Tigers topped No. 20 NC State, 38-31. The Tigers used two interceptions the 4th quarter, including one near their goal line in the final seconds, to help seal the win. Ryan Finley completed his first 14 pass attempts and finished with 338 yards and 3 touchdowns.


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  • N.C State never beats clemson

  • Tbh I expected more from Clemson. I am amazed tho how we almost tied with them if it werent for that false start. Go BAMA!

  • Close one though!

  • AJT

    We could've won if we didnt miss the field goal :/

  • Clemson rules

  • If FSU had theor quarterback. Bad pass at the end cost them.

  • ACC game of the year so far.

  • Man I go to NC State and I assure you guys the majority of the fans just left in disparity after the game. The energy from the actual fans was electric that night; it was fucking awesome. On behalf of NC State, I apologize for the shit "fans" that threw stuff at the refs. I assure you they were drunk ass frat boys, but the majority of NC State fans are NOT like those fucking losers. Thank you.

  • If Miami beat ND. We will see two top four teams playing in the ACC Championship.

  • I dont think they should be 4

  • Come on Wolf Pack.

  • As an FSU fan, we are the best team historically in the ACC no question. But god damn Clemson is gonna shit on us next week.

  • scroll down for the butthurt

  • Clemson, that was a poorly played game. however we were lucky to win

  • On that last TD by Kelly Bryant, you know very few people are going to beat him in a foot race to the end zone!

  • So awesome!
    #ALLN 🏈🐆

  • Let's go Tigers back to back to back! Playoffs here we come!


  • Let me be honest. After being born and raised in Raleigh, NC. State fans are some of the most racist, arrogant, and disrespectful sleeze bags I have ever encountered. And NO I'm not an NC State fan. But they just can't accept the fact that "ALL" SC colleges own their asses in football hands down. NC is a dominate basketball and somewhat baseball state and as for SC it is a dominate football state as well as baseball. And I was pulling for the 🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯!!!

  • Clemson still doing good!!! They're the best!!! But playing FSU will be a tough test!!! Clemson could lose to FSU, if they're not careful!!! Clemson is going to get tested against FSU!!! Watch out clemson!!!

  • That's right let's go Tigers yeah let's hear all that negative talk now I guess we got lucky we got laptops on the sideline we're cheating they come up on all kinds of reasons why we just can't be good we just can't be too deep y'all keep hating we love it go Tigers for life baby