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Cannon Beach HIIT Cardio Workout – Fast High Intensity Interval Training Cardio Routine

By March 13, 2018

Just for fun! Who knows what classic 80’s movie was filmed on this beach?
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  • I'd be sweating my butt off in all that clothe and the Sun beating on me despite the waves 😒

  • Great workout! The lunges feel like they take forever and I usually can't keep up with the burpees. Practising every day though!

  • wow alot done in. 3 minutes

  • love it!

  • Hello jello arms !!

  • My boyfriends stationed in Astoria! I live in Portland

  • We vacation there, always on Goonies weekend!

  • Em

    I love to workout in the Beach!!!

  • Haha :D, doing it before a cool down of a 1 h video, didn't had enough 🙂

  • fitness blender > coffee or any kind of caffeine

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  • I love cannon beach!

  • I'm kinda sweating after doing this because I went all out! This is all I have time for!!

  • I've been incorporating HIIT exercises into my workout routine. I notice a considerable difference in my cardio. Thanks for sharing these exercises!

  • Follow the link above for calorie burn info for any of our workout videos

  • Nope, just visiting 🙂

  • Your body still needs time to recover from HIIT

  • No, we live in NW Washington, but visit Oregon often.

  • Yep but this is the cool part at the end of the movie, on that beautiful beach 😀

  • It's beautiful there!

  • We have many already, check out our low impact playlist for lots of options.

  • Wow ,short and quite effective workout.

  • Thank you Sooooo Much for these Videos…Cannon Beach Oregon Rocks!!!

    Keep Portland Weird!!!


  • you should add some music

  • buenisimo, y el paisaje increible, gracias

  • Description.

  • Do u have a facebook pg?…

  • I do everyday two or three Fitnessblender videos, I really love you guys!

  • Could you guys do exercise videos for elderly people who are overweight? I'm going to start helping my grandma exercise. 🙂

  • The Goonies! I was just at Cannon Beach a few weeks ago 🙂

  • That's a beautiful beach!

  • شكراً وهذا كان رائعاً أيضاً 🙂

  • really quick and fun! thanks!

  • Goonies but I thought it was filmed in Astoria for the most part.

  • Do you guys live in Oregon?

  • Love it…you guys are amazing…thanks so much!

  • That looks like beach on Cali called morrow bay,cool!

  • awesome…much better with this backround

  • do you have kids?

  • awesome wkout; thanks for letting me wkout with you both!

  • you guys rock

  • blue lagoon

  • Can't wait to try this one. Thank you. I know you guys recommend not to do HIIT more than 3 -4 times a week. But what if I do different HIIT routines everyday?