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45 Minute HIIT & Total body Toning Tabata Workout – High Intensity Interval Training Workout

By March 12, 2018

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  • Once again another great workout! Thank you so much.

  • This work out hurt my feelings so bad 😅

  • The joy of completing 90 % of this workout without cheating! YAHHHHH!! 😀

  • My arms were shaking during the cool down!! Thanks for the workout Kelli and Daniel!

  • thank you for the lesson!
    благодарю за занятие!

  • OMG I killing myself now right!! Oh oh oh but I did it finally 😉

  • holy smokes I thought I was going to croak, with those push ups after yesterdays upper body workout!!!!! WOW holy sweatfest!!

  • Really enjoyed this workout! Do you have any outdoor-friendly workout videos? I’d love to do a workout in a park or an oval which isn’t just running and where I wouldn’t need to bring a mat.

  • This workout is by far the best hiit workout ever..i always feel good after doing it…i love you guys

  • Crazy good workout. I cheated a bit though

  • "workout complete" music to my ears! successfully finished the whole video! feeling accomplished for sure, and my 2 year old joined in too. tired as shit but feel so good!

  • This is my first time finishing a hiit workout that is more than 20 mins long and I just started working out again after a month…I didn't expect myself to finish this 😭😭 sorry for being dramatic but I'm just so proud of myself right now 😭 after 4 rounds of the first workout, I got so tired already like my thighs were gonna die, but I still pushed myself to continue even If I was way slower than kelly, I just kept thinking, As long As I kept moving and pushing myself to the best I can do…then poof, I finally finished 😭😭😭 So if you feel like giving up, please don't, keep pushing to your best, If you really can't, fine you can rest, but don't give up, because you're stronger than you think you are…Thankyou very much fitness blender 😘

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  • ❤❤❤

  • wow

  • Love the workout, only thing was that I was starting to feel really miserable and nauseous..probably because I pushed myself to hard. I never, ever work out. I tried to push myself as hard as possible but that wasn't the best thing to do..

  • I have to say this. Thank you.
    I was 12 years of age and highly obese. At that point, obesity in boys my age is discarded by calling it chubbiness and so, even I didn't care much about my physique, until I shifted schools and was bullied. They would corner me and then say inappropriate things. They would push me and laugh because with my weight, I was somehow funny to them. I cried and it was funny because I hadn't hit puberty.
    The one summer vacation I though about changing.
    I started with jogging and your 20 minute videos ('Sweat like you mean it' being my favorite) and then and a month, there was a change. I didn't see much, neither did my parents or my family members but those who saw me after a long time did.
    I then switched to this workout for 3 more months. Changes came. I felt a lot more stronger, but most importantly, confident.

    As far as the bullies are concerned, I never saw them after the summer vacation.
    I am now thirteen, working out, with you.
    You guys made that happen. Thank you fitness blender.

  • Omg I do fitnessblender all the time. This was the first time doing tabata the whole time my body is screaming at me like what are you doing to me haha killer workout. Loved it! Thanks fitnessblender!!

  • Thank you guys for everything. My day is incomplete without a Fitness Blender video! Love from India <3

  • You need to improve the strech part, some of re incorrect, in urva muka the shoulders need to be open fr for your ears. For example. I love the hiit training tha you do.

  • 95kg and I managed to complete the whole workout!

  • this is a great total body workout! I even got my kids into it! Thank you!!!!!

  • Ive never swear or cuss this much in my entire life

  • Really awesome workout. I’ve never sweat so much in my life and I’ve done your other workouts as well ( which I also love!!!!)

  • I wanted to quit but didn't!

  • I'm tripping with my own sweat. Excellent workout guys! FB quality 👏💪

  • I only liked the cobra stretch at the end… 💦💦💦💦

  • is the calorie count correct?

  • Wahhhh! I hate you!!! Hahaha! I saw this and finished the workout! Will try it again tomorrow!

  • start 7:05. total 35 min

  • This has become my favorite video to come back to. I've come back and repeated this workout more times than I can count and I always leave with a full body sweat and burn

  • brutal

  • I love it…AWESOME

  • This is one of those workouts where, if you finish it, you feel like you can do anything! So, I am going to go and dethrone Donald Trump now, then improve relations with China and Russia, so three powers could finally cooperate on North Korea and perhaps have a peaceful resolution.

  • That was great! Thanks!

  • I do not understand the loss of calories ! What does it mean High-Low ?

  • I am going to try fitness blender for 30 days

  • I LOVE Fitness Blender!! I paid 90/month to go to Fitbody Bootcamp that was basically all the same workouts as fitness blender. I prefer the ones where Kelly narrates, but no big deal. I have seen a definite improvement in my shape since starting a couple months ago. Love it!! They're tough, but effective!!

  • I absolutely loved this workout!!! I like the push, challenge and it seemed to go by relatively fast. thank you!!

  • This workout is a killer! I can't believe I completed it

  • These comments are scaring me lmao

    edit: It wasnt too hard for me but I'm drenched

  • so far this is the first hard and full of sweat workout that i ever completed without cheating and i do this 3x a week

  • I'm finished this ! i'm so glad !

  • Wasn't too difficult,😎….however the crunches were kinda low intensity,…they could replace it with mountain climbers or burpee or high knees,☺

  • HARD workout! I wish you would have added a set for butt and back. I paused it at the end before stretch and added my own. Thanks for all the videos!

  • I am sooooo happpy! I did this workout for the first time a year ago and I kinda hated it cause I needed lots of breaks and 8 reps were just too much for me, so I couldn't wait for it to be finished. Well, this workout was always on my mind since then, but I purposely avoided it UNTIL TODAY. AND, I was able to finish it! I'm so happpppppppy! That goes to show how much my fitness has improved!

  • I almost blacked out during the cool down and had to take a moment to lie down and slow my crazy pumped up heart! This is a great workout. I struggled through it, especially the push ups. I can't do a single push up properly!

  • Sweating! Dripping! Thanks!

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  • Completed it yesterday. Woke up feeling like I had participated in a cage fight. 😂