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107 Animal Crossing Facts that YOU Should Know! | The Leaderboard

By March 13, 2018

With so many videogames out about shooting and fighting, it’s always nice to just chill and play something nicer, like “Animal Crossing”! The adorable series has been warming hearts for years with it’s cast of memorable animal characters and stunning art style. That’s why The Leaderboard is proud to present 107 facts you should know about “Animal Crossing”!

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  • We totally need Animal Crossing for the Switch, ASAP

  • Li Xan Nariman nobody cares what you say

  • I love new leaf

  • I've always wondered why there was a bell ringing when Isabelle walked.

  • Is-a-bell . . .


  • I want a new Animal Crossing game!!

  • Dude Sprocet is back for Acnl I have the amiibo card.

  • They made the animal crossing anime in 2006? That's my birth year

  • sprocket brought back in welcome amiibo

  • If you are playing Animal Crossing for the gamecube, you can open the disc tray and the game won't crash, since it is a port of Animal Forest for the N64 the gamecube RAM space is capable of running the game even tough it is not reading any disc.

  • I have always loved animal crossing even wen I dident know what it was! I just saw this thing on nintendo land called sweet day and it was a animal crossing Minnie game and that's how I got into it!

  • I knew it! He's a tanuki!

  • I know but I’m honestly late, but #30 Resetti scared me as well. When we played the GameCube version I literally never knew how to save, I was 3 so… anyways back the story. So I would always Reset it, when I turned it back on and went to my little save file Mr. Resetti was there, I was *SCARED*. I would scream then run out of my parents room, after I would ask my brother if he could deal with Resetti and he did.

  • She talks too slowly, he talks too quickly

  • "So far there have not been any cranky sheep"

    That's because THE CRANKY SHEEP IS ME

  • 3:32 I have him in my town.


  • You think Tom Nook is a tanooki? HA! Why don't you put a little more research into these videos first!
    In New leaf, he clearly says 'I am quite a generous RACCOON'
    Number 12 is incorrect by far…

  • Isabelle is a bell… i die

  • Why do i have 3 chickens in my town.